We're a growing and active congregation, with worship services that carefully blend Lutheran worship traditions with contemporary praise. We offer a variety of education classes every Sunday for all ages, plus lots of activities for children, teens, and adults. We are a member congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA). 

We believe that God takes us as we are. You don't need to dress up or act like you have it all together. God welcomes each of us where we are at. At Cross & Crown, you will find believers and seekers all at different points along the faith journey. We will do our best to welcome you into what God is doing in our lives and commit to helping you discover your role in what God is doing in this city and beyond. 

We believe firmly that Church is not about getting our needs met, but in meeting the needs of others as they move toward satisfying the thirst God has placed in every person. In practice every one of us loses sight of this on a regular basis. But in our clearer moments this is what we are about. Jesus is our true North. Our vision for life is grounded in being wholly devoted to Jesus.

Whether you're just starting your spiritual journey or you are looking for ways to grow deeper in your faith, Cross & Crown Lutheran Church is a great place to be!


Our Mission: 

Grow in faith, Serve all in need, Gather every person to Christ

Guiding Principles: 

We are disciples of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

We rely on the authority of Scripture and the power of the Holy Spirit.

We do everything by prayer We all serve out of our giftedness.

We demonstrate genuine hospitality to uplift everyone.

We value innovation and creativity

We deepen our relationships with each other to strengthen our witness.


A Lutheran is a Christian -- one who trusts in Jesus Christ as Savior. Lutherans share a common faith with other Christians. They accept the Bible as a true source of Christian love, guidance and doctrine, and accept the same ancient creeds (for example, the Apostles' Creed). But they also proclaim God's message by emphasizing salvation through faith, teaching that a person is to live not according to a formula of do's and don'ts, but in the freedom of Christian love, and distinguishing between law and gospel. 

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