Our goal, as educators, is to help your child grow in confidence, feel secure in relationships with other children, and experience the love of adults other than their parents. 

Our teachers use the program areas of language arts, dramatic play, science, math, physical movement, music, art, manipulative play, health awareness and personal care to develop the skills and concepts necessary in reasoning, receptive and expressive language, fine and gross motor control, perception, and social-emotional growth. 

Each program is used to teach a wide variety of skills and concepts. Learning activities are balanced throughout the day so that each child may experience both active and quiet activities. Our program provides time for teacher-directed and child-directed activities, as well as time for indoor and outdoor play. Peter Panda creates a school environment that encourages individual growth by attending to each child's special needs and strengths and providing an atmosphere of love and support.


In addition to our daily classroom activities, each class will leave their classroom to attend the following:

  • Music - 2 days a week: 25 minute music lessons led by music teacher
  • Motor Development - 1 day every other week: 30 minute motor development session led by physical education teacher
  • Bible - 1 day every other week: Bible storytime led by director in the chapel
  • Spanish - 1 day a week: Frogs & Monkeys classes have a 20-minute Spanish