At our Sunday morning worship service, you will experience our version of traditional liturgical worship. Liturgy means ‘work of the people.’ This means that our worship is highly participatory. We are not spectators at an event, we are participants in a celebration. The majority of the time spent in worship is made up of up hymns or portions of the liturgy from a printed bulletin that the congregation sings. Singing is led usually by an organ or piano. 


Assisted listening devices are available for worshippers who may benefit from louder volume. The devices are simple to use and discreet. We also have Bluetooth-enabled devices that enable you to hear worship audio through Bluetooth enabled hearing aids by using the Listening Technologies App.

Please see an AV assistant before worship to pick up a device and additional information. The AV booth is in the back right of the sanctuary on an elevated platform. To request to use the Listening Technologies App, reach out to Rob Sculthorp in person, by phone (317-358-0155) or email (rob.sculthorp@gmail.com).

NEW MEMBER Information

If you are a frequent visitor and would like to become a member of Cross and Crown, or would like more information regarding becoming a member, please contact Chris Lantz in the office at chris@cclutheran.com.